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A wide range of services, from mundane to complicated


Need a new set of strings, but don't feel like going through the hassle? No problem! In-house restringing is only $15 for most instruments (plus the cost of the strings), and it only takes a few minutes. Get your instrument sounding great with ease!

Guitar Strings


The best guitar in the world would be unplayable if it weren't for a proper set-up. Get your instrument playing better than ever, with truss rod adjustments, intonation, even custom nuts and bridges all done in-house. A full makeover of your instrument's sound and playability is just one step away.



Cracks? Broken pieces? Not even sure what is wrong with your instrument? Bring it in, and you will recieve the highest quality repair possible at a fair price. All repairs are done by a knowledgeable, experienced professional, and every instrument is treated with the utmost care regardless of its value. We know that every musician loves their instrument, so we treat every one that comes in as if it was our own. 

Fixing a Violin
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